Interface with Stress

Causes & Preventions

By Sinha, Ambalika
November 2007
MD Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9788190455190
315 pages, 5 3/4 x 9 3/4"
$47.50 Hardcover

This book entitled " An Interface with Stress: Causes and Preventions" is a creation based on observation about people, be it children, youngsters, adults, or old people running for life. Children are facing competitions, parent's pressurizing expections and unlimited aspirations , youngsters are busy under the strain of higher studies for preparing them for jobs, high status and comfort, adults are stressed because of job conditions, hectic daily routine, hassles, family life, children related problems etc.

This book comprises of nineteen chapters which try to cover up main areas of stress, be it physiology, psychology of stress or social stress, organizational stress, natural calamities, children under stress, family and stress, etc. It also deals with various copying strategies and role of nutrition and de-stressors in one's life. After reading this book one may get the picture of stress from every angle possible and also get information about various coping strategies for each of them plus one may also get insights into preventive measures which may inoculate them against stress.

This may also add to one's confidence in facing life. This book may prove worthwhile for all, be it common public, students of psychology, graduates, post-graduates and researchers, players, patients, clinicians, sports psychologists, health conscious people, etc. All those who want to increase their awareness about stress and how to deal with it, may find the book useful.

The highlights of this book are that it's subject matter has been presented in simple english, examples are from indigenous areas. All can grasp it easily. Diagrams , tables, boxes have been made to illustrate the important topics. Professionals may also benefit from it. This book may serve its purpose of enriching people about stress knowledge and methods of coping with an ever persisting devil in one's life 'Stress'.

Psychology; Self-Help

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