I Undertook Great Works
The Ideology of Domestic Achievements in West Semitic Royal Inscriptions
Forschungen zum Alten Testament, 2.45


By Douglas J. Green
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed by
ISBN: 9783161501685
368 pages
$147.50 Paper original

Traditionally, scholars study ancient Near Eastern royal inscriptions to reconstruct the events they narrate. In recent decades, however, a new approach has analyzed these inscriptions as products of royal ideology and has delineated the way that ideology has shaped their narration of historical events. This ideologically-sensitive approach has focused on kings’ accounts of their military campaigns.

This study applies this approach to the narration of royal domestic achievements, first in the Neo-Assyrian inscriptional tradition, but especially in nine West Semitic inscriptions from the 10th to 7th centuries B.C.E. and describes how these accounts also function as the products of royal ideology.

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