Jewish Prayer the Right Way
Resolving Halachic Dilemmas

By Rabbi J. Simcha Cohen
March 2012
Urim Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789655240689
268 pages
$25.95 Hardcover

Rabbi J. Simcha Cohen has brought us another dynamic Halachic analysis, in his accessible ''question-answer'' format. In Jewish Prayer: The Right Way, Rabbi Cohen examines a wide variety of different aspects of Jewish prayer and guides us through their answers in an understandable and enjoyable way. He addresses not only specific topics, as in the extensive sections relating to Kohanim or the Sheliach Tzibbur, but also others that could be of concern to any Jewish worshipper, such as those dealing with the many facets of the Shema, standing vs. sitting during various prayers, and a study on special synagogue customs. Rabbi Cohen self-described mission is to dispel the erroneous notion that Halacha is dry and not as meaningful a pursuit as other aspects of Torah learning.

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