Jihadi Terrorism: On the Trail of It's Epistemology & Genealogy

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By T.S. Girishkumar
December 2013
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788121512565
355 Pages
$62.50 Hard Cover


The term Jihad has nothing to do with terror in Islam. Jihad in Islam is simply an honest, pious, and sincere effort. Here the expression Jihadi Terrorism is a borrowed one, from what is popularly said, to mean what is popularly meant to address a contemporary problem. The book makes an attempt to construct the Epistemology of Terrorism through a historical analysis of ninety years of India, from 1857 to 1940 through the writings and speeches of intellectuals with separatist ideas, mostly Muslim intellectuals. The general western, epistemology, which focuses more on differences may result in separatism. This is contrasted against India epistemology of co-existence. This book begins the Constructing Indian Epistemology Series, as the first book.