Journal of Prehistoric Religion, Vol. XXIV



Edited by: Jeannette Forsen, et al.
December 2014
Astoms Forlag
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789170812132
75 Pages, Illustrated
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The aim for this Journal of Prehistoric Religion (JPR) is to provide a forum for archaeological discoveries and new theories concerning prehistoric religion. JPR is the correct venue for authors who want a quick printing process and fast response to new ideas regarding prehistoric man and his religious beliefs. This journal is an open forum not only for archaeology, art history, religious studies and history of ideas and religion.

The scope is worldwide although the Mediterranean area has been predominant in the past. The founders of JPR, Paul Astrom and Jon van Leuven, saw as potential topics: methodology, comparative studies, regional survey's, excavations and data such as shrines, tombs, iconography, inscriptions, cult practice, ritual customs, theological beliefs, social and cultural effects and religious continuity in space and time. More recently gender aspects in ritual interpretations have become a popular topic.