Judicial Independence

A Legal Research on Its Theoretical Aspects, Practices
from Germany, the United States of America, France,
Vietnam, and Recommendations for Vietnam
Acta Societatis Juridicae Lundensis No. 161

By Van-Hoa To
December 2006
Almqvist & Wiksell                                                                           
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789154403561                                                       
563 pages, 5 ¾” x 8 ¾”
$147.50 Hardcover


This thesis explores the issue of judicial independence with regard to theoretical and practical aspects.  For the theoretical aspect, the rule of law and protection of human rights are examined as requirements for judicial independence.  International measures which deal with matters concerning judicial independence are presented and analyzed. 

For the practical aspect, the thesis investigates the situation of judicial independence in Germany, the United States of America, France and Vietnam.  The aim is to find out how judicial independence is working in those countries.  The book concludes with recommendations to improve the independence of Vietnamese courts and judges.


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