Kashmir: Valley of Terror

By Sunil Sardana
January 2011
MD Publicatoins
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788175333314
326 pages
$77.50 Hardcover

Kashmir is crucial to achieving peace and stability, without which the US and Pakistan strategy is unlikely to succeed with international eyes focused on South Asia, understanding what is at stake Kashmir has never been more important. For decades, the dispute over the valley of Kashmir, famed for itsbeauty and tranquility, has determined much of Pakistan's and India's foreign policy. With the state, located between 2008 terrorist attacks on Mumbai, the potentially wider implications of the conflict are higher than ever on the international agends.

This fully updated edition of Kashmir has become a valley of terror and terrorism offers a highly readable, carefully documented book of the origins, development and implications of this contentious issue. Terrorist and inurgent movements have left a bloody trail in the country. This book covers the details that how a paradise of India has become the valley of Terror And Terrorism.


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