Knowledge Management
Complexity, Learning & Sustainable Innovation

By J.K. Mishra
November 2009
Global India Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789380228150
312 pages
$24.95 Paper Original

This book provides an introduction to the study of knowledge management (KM). A brief history of knowledge management concepts is outlined, noting that much of knowledge management existed before the actual term came into popular use. The multidisciplinary roots of knowledge management are enumerated, together with their contributions to the discipline.

It describes the major phases involved in the knowledge managment cycle encompassing the capture, creation, codification, sharing, accessing, applications, and reuse of knowledge within and between organizations, social nature of knowledge, an overview of knowledge management tools, an overview of the professionals who form part of the knowledge management team and also explores some issues facing knowledge management. This book is written in very simple and pragmatic language which is easy to understand and we expect that all readers and students will appreciate this.

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