Labyrinth of Solitude, 2 vol. set
A Comparative Exposition of Dharma as Ontology according to the Mahabharata

By K.D. Prithipaul
February 2012
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers
Distributed by

ISBN: 9788121512268
1,217 pages

$89.50 Hardcover

In the Land of Brahman the way to the finality of human destiny, to siddhi and self-fulfilment, leads the pilgrim through existential contradictions and absurdities. With such markings belying the desire to proceed along a straight path, the transmigrating subject finds himself cast into a labyrinth mysteriously designed for his sole needs and purpose. Such is the road of dharma. The seeker for the Ultimate Reality has no choice but to trudge resolutely, in stark solitude, undaunted by failure and discouragement.

Urged on by the persuasions of dharma he strives with heroic fortitude till finally he breaks through that his pains and joys, as well as the toilsome coils of the labyrinth itself, had been of the substance of his ontological freedom. The labyrinth only happened to be the necessity through which jivan-mukti is felt as a home-coming. The dweller within then sees that, during the time of his adhesion to dharma, he was as he had always been, and now is ancient.


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