Life-Course Model: A Way to Work with Autism
A Theory of Faculties

By Kristien Smet & Suzanne van Driel
December 2009
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ISBN: 9789044125351
109 pages, Illustrated
$32.50 Paper Original

An autism spectrum disorder (ASD) opens permanent needs throughout the entire life course in areas of care but also in terms of education and employment. In a lifetime, there are several transition moments, such as the step to primary or secondary school, the choice of another discipline, the start of higher education or the first job. Transitions are ofter very complicated for people with ASD. Therefore, perspective thinking and early action are most important for the guidance of people with ASD.

This book is aimed at the professional who works with people with ASD, teachers, social workers, counsellors and job coaches. This guide offers them the throretical framework of the life-course model and a description of practical situations based on pilot projects in the Netherlands, Flanders and Portugal.

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