Living with the Media
Analysing Talk About Information & Communication Technology

TUP Media Studies


By Jari Luomanen
November 2010
Tampere University Press
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789514482434
299 pages
$82.50 Paper Original

Media and technology have thoroughly permeated contemporary society saturating everyday life with innumerable appliances, gadgets and information flows. What significance and meaning is attached to these technologies by daily users and members of the audience? Why are some media and technologies successful while others fail?

Living with the Media addresses these questions by exploring the values and moralities according to which media and technology are evaluated, debated and challenged in everyday life. Utilising a large qualitative data set the book probes Finnish culture, seeing language as a stage where discursive practices reveal the ways in which technologies and media content are assigned praise or blame.

Producers and researchers of media and technology will find this book a useful reference. Its thorough theoretical and methodological sections will benefit students of the field. The book also provides insights for all media and technology users, the co-creators of the contemporary media and technology landscape.

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