Luke-Acts & Jewish Historiography

A Study on the Theology, Literature, & Ideology of Luke Acts

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. No. 366

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By: Samson Uytanlet
June 2014
Mohr Siebeck
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ISBN: 9783161530906
227 Pages
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In this book, Samson Uytanlet states his observation that there is an unnecessary disjunction between Luke’s theology and literature in previous studies on Luke-Acts: Luke’s theology is typically studied in light of Jewish writings while Luke’s literature is studied in relation with Greco-Roman works. The author shows that there are theological, literary, and ideological elements that ancient Greco-Roman and Jewish writings share which are also present in Luke’s work. In areas where they diverge, however, Luke-Acts shows closer affinity to Jewish writings.