Manufacture of Minoan Metal Vessels

Theory & Practice

Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology & Literature No. 178

Book Title

By: Christina F. Clarke
April 2014
Astroms Forlag
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789170812491
249 Pages, Illustrated
$167.50 Hardcover


This volume reconstructs the processes used to create Minoan hammered precious-metal and copper-alloy vessels, combining an assessment of the archarological material with the practical application of replicated equipment and techniques. This interdisciplinary approach provides a new perspective on Minoan metallurgy and metalworkers. It has important implications for interpreting Minoan metal artefacts, metallurgical evidence, the organisation of production and the place of Minoan vessels within the broader context of conterporary societies.


1. Introduction

2. Minoan metal vessels

3. Modern hammered-vessel manufacture

4. Current theories on prehistoric vessel manufacture

5. Minoan metallurgical equipment and the vessel-making process

6. Minoan metallurgical sites

7. Individual vessels

8. Experimental reconstruction of Minoan vessel-making processes

9. Conclusion