Media Mergers & the Defence of Pluralism

Edited by Olof Hulten, et al.
Distributed by Coronet Books
October 2010
Stockholm University
ISBN: 9789186523077
214 pages
$87.50 Paper original

Parial Contents:

1. Challenge of new technologies and new business practices
2. Conditions of mergers and acquisitions in media
3.Motuives for mergers in the Swedish regional press
4. Bloc-building in the Swedish newspaper industry
5. Acquisition strategies in the multinational recording industry
6. Regulatory intervention to prevent ownership concentration
7. Newspaper acquisitions and Swedish media policies
8. Instruments for press policy in the Netherlands
9.The proposed acquisition of ProSiebenSat.1 by Springer AG
10. Pragmatic approach to governmant intervention
11. Balance of power in Nordic media


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