Media Meets Climate
The Global Challenge for Journalism

Edited by Elisabeth Eide & Risto Kunelius
December 2012
Distributed by

ISBN: 9789186523510
340 pages
, Illustrated
$99.50 Paper original

There is no way of not meeting climate change. It reframes our public debates, from shifting global power relations to political participation and individual lifestyle choices. It begs questions about our basic formulas for economics, science and democracy. It is a key theme in thinking about identities and the human condition, making us not ask only "who we are," but also who the "we" in that question is. Climate change forces states, societies and people to look critically at the political, cultural and material ingredients of our world. For media and journalism, climate change brings up new challenges of coverage. But it alson sheds light on the assumptions and distinctions - that media and journalism are built on. By meeting climate change, globalizing journalism also meets itself.


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