Moravian Bretheren & Himalayan Cultures

Evangelisation, Society, Industry


By: Rafal Beszterda
November 2014
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788121512787
361 Pages, Illustrated
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Author's Preface List of Abbreviations Introduction

Chapter I. The Moravian Brethren and their Missionary Work
1. History and description of the church
2. Missions and their organisation
3. Protestant missions in India
4. Moravian evangelisation work in India

Chapter II. Non-Evangelical Work of the Moravian Brethren among the Indigenous Cultures of Northern India
1. Economy Agriculture and animal husbandry Handicrafts Communication Construction The missionaries as employers
2. Society Education Health care Orphan care

Chapter III. Publications and Translations
1. The Bible in local languages
2. Other Christian publications
3. Secular literature
4. Journalistic and scholarly works Conclusion Brief Biographies of Moravian Missionaries and their Local Assistants

1. Missionaries, Male and Female
2. Local Assistants

Bibliography 1. Archival sources 2. Sources and reports List of Figures, Tables, Illustrations and Photographs Index of Names Index of Geographic Names Subject Index.