Moses & the Path to Leadership



By: Zvi Grumet
January 2015
Urim Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789655241556
239 Pages
$23.95 Hardcover


Many believe that the stories surrounding the birth of Moses mark him from the cradle as being destined for leadership. Others argue that the track record of Moses as a leader leaves much to be desired, and that without the constant prompting by God, he would never have survived. The central proposition in this book is that neither of these polar positions reflects the profound transformations and growth of the experiences of Moses and that it is only within the turbulent space of change that he becomes a great leader, but not without his fair share of missteps along the way. It is precisely within, and from, those mistakes that Moses learns and ultimately becomes a model leader. This book traces this path to leadership and readers are given close readings of the text as stepping stones to developing themes and patterns.