Museum Gustavianum: A Window to the Surrounding World

C. Organisation och Historia No. 107

Edited by: Ing-Marie Munktell
December 2015
Uppsala University
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789155494339
125 Pages, Illustrated
$49.50 Paper original


The Anatomical Theatre was built on the roof of Gustavianum by the famouse professor Olof Rudbeck the senior 1660-1663. Here, human bodies would be dissected in the service of both science and the public. Olof Rudbeck himself was the architect behind the build and the first marketer of the operation. The acoustics were excellent and all of the possible 200 spectators could follow what happened on the dissection table thanks to the good lighting conditions. The dome with the double window rows is stil something of an architectonic masterpiece.