Myanmar Phrase Book
A Quick & Effective Way to Learn Myanmar Conversation [ In English & Burmese]

By Ma Tin Cho Mar & Noorjahan Bi Bi
December 2011
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9789679789768
197 pages
, Illustrated
$29.50 Paper original

Language is an art symbol of powerful sentiment sharing. Myanmar language is a flowery language through a complex writing system matched with the country of Myanmar and its people. Myanmar language is legendary for its alphabet consisting of circles, half-circles and curli-cues. A brief history and culture of Myanmar is included to steward understanding, respect and evolve the traditional culture.

This phrase book covers over 200 vocabularies and 16 conversations which includes all aspects of communication. The situational conversations have been carefully selected to help one overcome the language barrier. The words and phrases are explained in clear, simple Burmese with Romanized pronunciation. The pronunciation helps us to acquire the ability to speak Myanmar like the natives.



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