Neuanfang und Kontinuitat in Jerusalem



Forschungen zum Alten Testament No. 104

Crossing borders and boundaries in public service media (kartonnage)

By: Raik Heckl
July 2016
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9783161541186
463 Pages
$210.00 Hardcover


Raik Heckl goes to the hermeneutical strategies in the drafting of Ezra-Nehemiah composition. These give an insight into the political and religious discourses of writing time and allow conclusions as to why a re-contextualization of reception are older templates was performed. The Ezra-Nehemiah-book is a spätnachexilische manifesto that should prove the return from Babylonian exile, the Temple in Jerusalem and the Jerusalem interpretation of the Torah as the exclusive basis of the post-exilic Israel. Her background was the confrontation with the community that developed in Samaria with the temple on Mount Gerizim as a religious center. The new beginning is built on a supposedly unbroken continuity of the election of Jerusalem and the related interpretation of them Torah and opposite the temple on Mount Gerizim and a correspondingly different interpretation of the Torah.