Norstedts Comprehensive English-Swedish,
Swedish-English Dictionary
2 volume set

Edited By Mona Wiman, et al.
May 2000
Norstedts Ordbok, Tryckerigatan 4 | Box 2052 | 103 12 Stockholm
Distributed By Coronet Books, Inc.
SET ISBN: 9172271779
2794 pages, 7 x 9 3/4"
$299.50 Hardcover Slipcase 2 Volume Set

Norstedts Comprehensive English-Swedish Dictionary
Edited By Mona Wiman, et al.
ISBN: 917227171X
1553 Pages, 7 x 9 3/4"
$157.50 Hardcover

Norstedts Comprehensive Swedish-English Dictionary
Edited By Maria Sjodin, et al.
ISBN: 9172271434
1241 Pages, 7 x 9 3/4"
$157.50 Hardcover


In the third edition of the Swedish-English Dictionary, 6000 new words and phrases have been added. Moreover, new senses have been added to existing headwords and the contents have been revised and modernized. It remains a standard work, an indispensable dictionary for students, teachers, translators, those working in trade and industry and, not least, the general public. With its 135,000 headwords and phrases, it is the most comprehensive Swedish-English dictionary available.

Norstedts Comprehensive English-Swedish Dictionary is an expanded and revised version. It has long been considered the standard dictionary of its kind and an indispensable work of reference for students, teachers, translators, etc. In the third edition, 6000 new words and phrases and senses have been added.

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