On the Road
Studies in Honor of Lars Larsson
Acta Archaeologica Lundensia in 4, No. 26

By Birgitta Hardh, et al.
October 2007
Almqvist & Wiksell                  
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789122021636                    
318 pages, Illustrated, 9 1/4 x 12"
$97.50 Hardcover

Travel can take us to new places, but also to new knowledge. We can travel in time as well as in space, and traveling is by no means solely a phenomenon belonging to the present. On the Road is a book about travels and about travelers.

The fifty-three articles illustrate the complexities of the concept of travel. These articles were written to honor Lars Larsson, Professor of Archaeology at Lund University, Sweden, upon the occasion of his 60th birthday.


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