Opening Schools to All
An International Approach to Inclusive Education in Perm
Issues in European Education Series, Number 4

Edited by Kees van der Wolf & John Sayer
July 1999
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9053508902
136 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/2"
$20.00 Paper Original

Identifying education as a primary agency in which social change occurs, the contributers to this collection address the ways in which committments to human rights, recognition of the dangers of separation and disadvantage, advances in educational methods and technology present opportunities for educators to work towards the inclusion of all citizens. In the first section, contributers explore and explain different European situations. The second section examines the shared EU-Tempus-Tacis Project in the Perm Region (Urals), in which the contributers are all engaged. A third section includes examples of coping strategies and innovations in teaching, both inside and outside the classroom, and the final section focuses particularly on the greater inclusion of young people with special needs becoming part of their schools and systems with an elarged view of the scope of schools and their management.

Section 1. Backgrounds and Bases of Inclusive Trends
Chapter 1. Special Educational Needs and Inclusivity Backgrounds to Ideas in Changing Contexts
Chapter 2. Ethical Foundations of Inclusion
Chapter 3. Inclusion and Integration in Western Europe and Russia. A Theoretical Framework
Chapter 4. Is Inclusive Education Applicable in Russia?

Section 2. Teachers Preparing for Change
Chapter 5. Professioanl Training of Teachers for Children with Special Educational Needs
Chapter 6. Personality Training for SEN Teachers
Chapter 7. An Example from the Field
Chapter 8. Meeting Individual Needs: An Introduction for Intending Teachers

Section 3. The Teacher, The Classroom and Beyond
Chapter 9. Managing Behaviour Problems in the Classroom
Chapter 10. Physical Education in Special Schools and Corrective Classes
Chapter 11. The Club as a Form of Rehabilitation for Children with Behavioural Problems

Section 4. The Whole School Management of Change
Chapter 12. Managing Inclusive School Education

Social Change

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