Opuscula Romana, 31-32
Annual of the Swedish Institute in Rome

By Brita Alroth, ed.
November 2008
Paul Astroms Forlag
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ISBN: 9789170421747
222 pages, Illustrated, 8 1/4 x 10 3/4"
$250.00 Paper Original


Late Bronze Age handles from the Apennine settlement at Lnui sul Mignone: some chronological observations

Surfacing deities in later Etruscan art and the sacellum at San Giovenale

The Villa Selvasecca revisited

Villa Selvasecca: the pottery finds

Villa selvasecca: the coins

Villa selvasecca: the glass

Interim report of the Swedish Pompeii Project: work 2000-2004/5 in Insula V 1. Introduction

The House of the Greek Epigrams V 1,18.11-12 preliminary report

The House of Cacilius Iucundus, V 1,22-27: a preliminary report

The Commercial Establishments V 1,13; V 1,14-16; V 1,20-21: preliminary report 2001-2004

Evidence for garden cultivation and the use of bedding-out plants in the peristyle gardens of the House of the Greek Epigrams

The early street and prehistoric finds in Vicolo delle Nozze dArgenro, Pompeii

Exempla roemischen Wohnluxus': zu einigen loewenkoepfigen Tischfuessen in der Antikengaleri Gustav III, in Stockholm

Osservazioni sul battistero paleocristano di Nocera Superiore

A puzzle from medieval rome. Reconstruction of an inscription from the medieval church of S. Adriano in the Roman Forum


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