Oral Presentations in English
A Guide for Dutch Speakers

By Marianne Sanders, et al.
September 2003
Distributed by
ISBN: 9044114298
195 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/2"
$52.50 Paper Original

This book is written to provide intermediate and advanced-level users of English with material to help them develop or improve their ability to communicate in spoken English within the prescribed forms of academic and professional speaking and discourse. The emphasis is on the types of formal speaking situations in which academics and professionals most frequently operate and on the commen problems Dutch speakers of English have in preparing and giving oral prestentations.

The material in this book is the result of years of observations, reading and discussions with colleagues, and many of the ideas have been used with success in courses and workshops. It is the authors' hope that, whether used for courses or individual study, the book will contribute to producing better speakers.

Part I - Introduction
Part II - Step by Step Through the Process
Part III - Ceremonial Speeches
English Pronunciation Guide
Chapter 1. Getting the Sounds Right
Chapter 2. Getting the Accent Right
Chapter 3. British and American English Compared

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