Patterns in Student Learning
Exploring a Person-Oriented & a Longitudinal Research-Perspective

By Gert Vanthournout
Decemebr 2011
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ISBN: 9789044128710
220 pages
, Illustrated
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The research presented in this dissertation is concerned with patterns in students learning in higher education. It aims at broadening our understanding of student learning by exploring two underexposed research-perspectives: a person-oriented perspective and a longitudinal perspective. 

The first perspective attempts at grappling the complexity of the ways in which students engage in learning by identifying learning profiles. 

The latter perspective is interested in how students’ learning strategy use develops both within a single learning environment and across the whole of higher education.

Apart from a general introduction and concluding reflections, the dissertation contains one theoretical and four empirical contributions. The theoretical chapter elucidates the theoretical frameworks and research-perspectives used in this dissertation.

In subsequent chapters, each research-perspective is tackled by two empirical studies. All studies are situated in the context of teacher education. 

The final chapter provides concluding reflections on results of the studies as well as the researchperspectives themselves. It also provides suggestions for educational practice and further research.


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