Performanzkritik der Paulusbriefe

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament
No. 296


By Bernhard Oestreich
December 2012
Mohr Siebeck
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ISBN: 9783161522130                        
305 pages
$177.50 Hardcover

The biblical texts are from a culture in which the writing was usually the spoken word. The writing was presented to audiences and spread its effects in a jointly experienced event. Here on the semantic content of the Samaritans were also the elements of oral communication of importance in Scripture can not be captured and still leave their mark, such as tone of voice, gaze direction, gestures, the physicality of the actors and their interaction. Performance review, a new methodological approach to biblical texts, absorbs these traces and seeks to capture the event for which the text was created and to which he has contributed. Bernhard Oestreich work is the first monograph in German about this new method of interpreting the Bible, and the first to review performance of Paul's letters at all. In the first chapter he first treated the roots of performance criticism. They grew out of the rhetorical exegesis and Mündlichkeitsforschung and takes inspiration from theater and performance art. He then defines performance and provides that basis before the method. In the following three chapters, he applies this method to the letters of Paul and other early Christian letters. It is evident that these texts are designed to the speaker through it at the receivers are in the audience and provokes interaction. Paul's letters to life than social events, their intentions become clearer and easier to understand difficult passages.


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