Phylogenetic Treatment & Taxonomic Revision of the
Trapdoor Spider Genus Aptostichus Simon

Aranea, Mygalomorphae, Euctenizidae
ZooKeys No. 252

By Jason E. Bond
December 2012
Distributed By Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789546426642                     
209 pages, Illustrated
$125.00 Paper original

The Californian Floristic Province, located on the Pacific Coast of North America, is a region recognized as a “biodiversity hotspot”. The area’s rich floristic diversity is also reflected in its remarkable diversity of mygalomorph spiders – the group that includes trapdoor spiders, tarantulas, funnel spiders, and their other close relatives. This monograph documents the species diversity currently attributed to the euctenizid genus Aptostichus Simon distributed primarily throughout California, but also found in the habitats of Arizona and Nevada. Based on the examination of approximately 2000 specimens from museum and field collections, 40 species are assessed, 33 of which are new to science – A. dantrippi, A. cabrillo, A. pennjillettei, A. asmodaeus, A. nateevansi, A. chiricahua, A. icenoglei, A. isabella, A. muiri, A. barackobamai, A. sinnombre, A. hedinorum, A. aguacaliente, A. chemehuevi, A. sarlacc, A. derhamgiulianii, A. anzaborrego, A. serrano, A. mikeradtkei, A. edwardabbeyi, A. killerdana, A. cahuilla, A. satleri, A. elisabethae, A. fornax, A. lucerne, A. fisheri, A. bonoi, A. cajalco, A. sierra, A. huntington, A. dorothealangeae, andA. chavezi.


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