Public Art (Now): Out of Time, Out of Place


Public Art (Now): Out of Time, Out of Place

By: Claire Doherty
November 2015
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9781908970176
256 Pages, Illustrated
$99.50 Hardcover


The face of public art is changing. In recent years, a new generation of artists has rejected the monumental scale and mass appeal of conventional public sculpture, instead favoring unconventional forms that disrupt rather than embellish a particular location. "Public Art (Now)" is the first survey of the most influential forms of the past decade that are redefining the practice of public art today. Some 40 key projects from around the world are highlighted, with detailed descriptions and installation and process shots. Interviews and quotes from practitioners, commissioners and commentators reveal the context for each project, while an introduction sets out the conceptual, practical and ethical issues raised by the work. This dynamic combination of projects, places and people is both a must-have reference book for art-world specialists and an accessible introduction to the subject. Among the featured artists are Mike Kelley, Francis Alÿs, Superflex, Paul Chan, Susan Philipsz and Theaster Gates.