Pyraloidea (Lepidoptera) of Central Europe
Identification, Distribution, Habitat & Biology
[In English & German]

By Frantisek Slamka
December 2010
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9788096905270
176 pages, Illustrated
$187.50 Hardcover

The present atlas comprises the description and photographs of practically 403 species of Superfamily Pyraloidea known or recorded from Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary). Their occurrence has also been noted in Romania and Western Ukraine. The entry for each species includes information on the geographical distribution and habitats of the moths, the ecology of the caterpillar and further points of interest. The text is supplemented with 53 tables showing some 940 pen-and-ink drawings and 12 colour plates with 669 illustrated life-size specimens of moths.

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