Rebalancing the British Economy

Edited by Tristam Hunt
April 2013
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9781906837471
124 pages

$20.00 Paper original

Demystifying the term 'industrial policy', identifying the various obstacles facing the creation of a more stable and balanced British economy and, above all, exploring competing policy solutions to these challenges, are the tasks to which this book is dedicated.

Part 1 is devoted to an analysis of what a balanced role for financial services might be and how to achieve it, and includes contributions from Tony Greenham, Dr David Green, Wolfgang Neumann, Chris Cummings and Stuart Fraser.

Part 2 looks at the role and size of the state and asks whether there is a growth-maximising level of public spending. Contributors include Roger Bootle, Professor Karel Williams, Jonathan Portes and Chris Giles.

Part 3 looks at the greater role for Britain's manufacturing sector in a rebalanced economy and includes contributions from Tristram Hunt, Lord Mandelson, Professor David Bailey, Terry Scuoler and Dr Elizabeth Garnsey.

Part 4 examines the extent to which export-led growth can rebalance the current account. Contributors include Jo Johnson, Sir Alan Rudge, Will Butler-Adams and David Tinsley.

Part 5 discusses an entirely different sort of rebalancing, that of the nation's boardrooms, and includes contributions from Helena Morrissey, Julia Hobsbawm and Jan Hall


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