Reconstruction of the Cervical Aerodigestive Tract
A Multimedia Atlas with DVD

By Pierre Delaere
November 2006
Leuven University Press
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9058675467
160 pages, Illustrated, 8¾ x 11½"
$350.00 Paper Original

Speech, swallowing, and respiration are vital functions of the cervical aerodigestive tract. In case of a major defect in this area, flap reconstruction is frequently necessary to preserve maximal postsurgical function.

This is the first work devoted exclusively to the reconstruction of the cervical aerodigestive tract. In this lavishly illustrated atlas, flap reconstruction of the larynx, trachea, hypopharynx, and cervical esophagus is covered. It provides step-by-step details of the technique leading to functional repair and improved quality of life.

Pierre Delaere is professor of ORL, Head and Neck Surgery, University Hospital, K.U.Leuven, Belgium.

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Chapter 1. Larynx Reconstruction
Reconstruction of the glottic/subglottic defect
Treatment of chondroradionecrosis
17 movies on larynx reconstruction included

Chapter 2. Trachea Reconstruction
Tracheal defects that may need flap reconstruction
The reconstructive tissue
Long-segment stenosis
Combined posterior glottic and subglottic stenosis
Stenosis after percutaneous dilatational tracheotomy
Future prospects
10 movies on trachea reconstruction included

Chapter 3. Reconstruction of Hypopharynx and Cervical Esophagus
Defects that may need flap reconstruction
Reconstructive tissue
7 movies on reconstruction of pharynx and cervical esophagus included


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