Revision of the Chinese Stephanidae
(Hymenoptera, Stephanoidea)

By Chun-Dan Hong, et al.
November 2011
Pensoft Publishers
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789546425966
108 pages, Illustrated
$79.50 Paper original

Stephanidae Leach, 1815 (Hymenoptera: Stephanoidea) is an imperfectly known family in its systematics and many types have never been studied sine their descriptions. At present 345 extant species are recorded worldwide, and only twenty species in five genera are known from six provinces of China.

An extensive review of previously published literatures and previously unidentified specimens referred to Stephanidae results in taxonomic revision of the family from China. This monograph includes identification of six new species, establishment of nine new synonyms and designation of one lectotype. Descriptions and illustrations of all Chinese species are provided and keys to five genera from China and their species are made.

The results of this monograph clarify some taxonomic confusion, richen the geographical distributions of Stephanidae in China and provided facilities for further research in Chinese Stephanidae.


ZooKeys No. 110

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