Revision of the Genus Planinasus Cresson
Diptera, Periscelididae

ZooKeys No. 225


By Wayne N. Mathis, et al.
December 2012
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ISBN: 9789546426512                             
83 pages, Illustrated
$67.50 Paper Original

The New World species of the subgenera Allotrichoma Becker and Neotrichoma (new subgenus) (genus Allotrichoma) are revised. For phylogenetic perspective to this revision, we studied all genus-group taxa within the tribe Hecamedini and reassessed their cladistic relationships. Our phylogenetic study for taxa within the genus Allotrichoma was done at the species-group level, and we attempted to approach this globally by examining species from throughout the world and placing them into appropriate species groups. Within Allotrichoma, we recognize three subgenera. All known species from the New World are described with an emphasis on structures of the male terminalia, which are fully illustrated. We more than double the number of species known from the New World with six of 12 species in the subgenus Allotrichoma being described herein, and in a newly described subgenus, Neotrichoma, two of the three species from the New World are also described.

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