Revision of the New World Species of Polytrichophora
Cresson & Facitrichophora, New Genus

Diptera, Ephydridae
ZooKeys No. 231


By Wayne N. Mathis, et al.
December 2012
Distributed By Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789546426543                             
116 pages, Illustrated
$77.50 Paper Original

This revision significantly documents a continuing trend in the discovery and documentation of New World shore flies (Diptera: Ephydridae). Two genera of the tribe Discocerinini are treated: Facitrichophora, new genus, with all four included species being newly described, and Polytrichophora Cresson with 19 species, including 11 that are newly described. Previously, eight species were known from the New World. The authors emphasize structures of the male terminalia, which are fully described and illustrated, in the recognition of species and species groups. In addition, detailed locality data and distribution maps for all species are provided. Much of this increase has resulted from a greatly improved sampling of the New World fauna, which documents an ongoing need for field work and better taxon sampling of earth’s shore-fly fauna.

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