Rise & Expansion of Christianity in the First
Three Centuries of the Common Era

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neun Testament
No. 301


Edited by Clare K. Rothschild & Jens Schroter
August 2013
Mohr Siebeck
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ISBN: 9783161522499                        
543 pages
$272.50 Hardcover

The essays collected here are based in part on a symposium that took place in July 2010 at the Humboldt University in Berlin. For the present volume, they were supplemented by a number of contributions, contribute the more important aspects to the subject. The aim of the conference was to shed light on the emergence and rapid spread of Christianity amazing in the first three centuries. For this very exciting topic of research of ancient Christianity, Berlin urged as the venue is a natural. Adolf von Harnack as a professor at the former Friedrich-Wilhelm University (now Humboldt University), Berlin at the beginning of the 20th Submitted century, the most well-known comprehensive presentation on this subject: "The mission and expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries" (1902). 

Since then, new perspectives have been developed on the history of ancient Christianity through a variety of research in the fields of archeology, epigraphy, the interpretation of New Testament texts and the Apocryphal texts of ancient Christianity. In addition, authors such as Ramsey MacMullen and Rodney Stark have revived the interest in a comprehensive conception of the subject again. The essays in this volume reflect the diversity of current research approaches. They deal with the cultural milieu and important texts to it to illuminate the broad field of generation and propagation of ancient Christianity. Be treated including Paul, Jesus and the Gospels, other texts of the New Testament, apocryphal acts of the apostles and facets of the spread of Christianity in the second and third centuries.


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