Roles & Rituals of Indian Women

By Vijay Kumar Gupta
June 2010
MD Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788175332683
283 pages
$55.00 Hardcover

Spirituals Ceremonies and rituals play a central role in all traditions and cultures.The very act of expression of dancing, music, drumming, chanting, singing and other ceremonial expressions bounds a community and also serves the purpose of connecting to the higher spiritual forces. Rituals and Ceremonies are more right brain oriented (feelings, intution etc.) and communicates directly to ou soul and affects us on a subtle and often unconscious level.

In finanacial matters, although women are permitted to work outside of the home, their rights on any household matters have always been denied. A woman has to take charge of the kitchen, even if she is wage-earning member of the household and hold down a job outside of the home. The husband will not take charge of kitchen even if he is unemployed and at home all day, as a man who cooks for his family violates the laws of manhood.


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