Saint Daniel of Sketis
A Group of Hagiographic Texts
Studia Byzantina Upsaliensia, No. 10

By Britt Dahlman
December 2007
Uppsala University
Distributed by
ISBN: 9789155468934
260 Pages
$67.50 Paper Original

This volume is a new edition with a parallel English translation of eight Greek stories related to Daniel of Sketis: 1) Abba Daniel from Sketis; 2) Abba Mark the Fool; 3) The blind man; 4AB) A holy and chaste young woman; 5) The woman who pretended to be a drunkard; 6) Eulogios the Stone-cutter; 7) Andronikos the Money-dealer & his wife Athanasia; 8) Anastasia Patrikia.

Partial contents

Chapter 1. The Daniel Texts

Chapter 2. The Theme of Secret Holiness

Chapter 3. The Textual Tradition

Text & Translation



Religious History

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