Science,Technology & Human Values

By S. Ojha
September 2011
MD Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9788175333260
301 pages

$35.00 Paper original

During the last century, society has changed dramatically in the way it thinks and acts. Technology has grown pushing us forward into massive realms never before experienced including a huge population, devastating destruction, and mass communication and with this growth of people and experience, come complex theories and changed viewpoints; new thought provoking ideas and new lifestyles. The advent and progress of technology as it becomes a global all-encompassing phenomenon appears to be both a blessing in the way it improves the human condition in its efforts at coping with life and the world and as a tragedy in its destructive outcome as it is affecting the physical universe and impacting on the future of humanity. It lessens the hardship, the suffering, and the despair in the face of overwhelming odds in mastering the universe and achieving chosen goals and enhances self-mastery, higher achievements and hope in performing essential tasks and chores demanded or chosen for survival or human flourishing.

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