Science,Literature & Aesthetics

History of Science, Philosophy & Culture
in Indian Civilization
, Vol. XV Part 3

Edited by Amiya Dev
December 2009
Centre for Studies in Civilizations
Distrubuted by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9788187586395
851 pages, Illustrated
$175.00 Hardcover

Partial Contents:

Crisis & Science
Math & The Pursuit of Beauty
Virtual Reality
Asthetics of Language
Science & Literature
Linguistics Science
Biology of Music
Freedom & The Body
Early Indian Experience
Mythos, Logos & The Good
Persian Poetic Wisdom
Science, Art & Literature in Islamic Societies before 1700
Renaissance Science & Art
The Incomplete Marx
A Freudian Exercise
Reality & Utopia
19th Century Bengali Mind
Madernity & Knowledge

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