Seventeen Texts on Literature & Mysticism
[Persian & Arabic]

By Ali Muhaddis
January 2012
Uppsala University Press
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9789155481056
457 pages

$120.00 Hardcover


1. The dispute between the drunk, the jurisprudent and the Sufi

2. Dispute between heaven and earth

3. Gulshan-i latafat

4. A dispute between day and night

5. A dispute between the sword and the pen

6. Introduction to the Maykhanah

7. Rules for Nastaliq

8. In praise of the bathhouse (hammam)

9. Complaint against the order prohibiting the drinking of wine

10. Letter written in request for water

11. On the desctription of tobacco and hookah

12. A versified dialogue by Munavvar Khan and Jani Kahn

13. Shahr-ashub

14. An essay on teaching and education

15. The Taiyyah by Ibn Arabi

16. The Taiyyah by Amir al-Basri

17. The Taiyyah by Ibn Taghri birdi


Acta Bibliothecae R. Universitatis Upsaliensis Vol. XLIV


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