Shepherds of Pjorsarver
Traditional Use & Hydropower Development in the Commons of the Icelandic Highland

Uppsala Studies in Cultural Anthropology No. 49

By Helga Ogmundardottir
May 2011
Uppsala University Press
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789155480110
320 pages, Illustrated
$82.50 Paper original

This study explores a damming dispute that has been going on for over four decades in Iceland, about whether a dam, Norolingaolduveita, should be built in the central highland, near the glacier Hofsjokull and the wetland reserve Pjorsarver, ot not. The study focuses on the local resistance against the dam, led by a group of people in the farming community Gnupverjahreppur, which has its highland gazing commons in the Pjorsarver area.

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