Socio-Cultural Viability of International
Intervention in War-Torn Societies

A Case Study of Bosnia Herzegovina

By Dzenan Sahovic
November 2007
Almqvist & Wiksell                                                                           
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This is a Ph.D. thesis – it explores the ‘socio-cultural dilemma’ facing international peacebuilders in war-torn societies through a case study of the post-conflict process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

This is done with the help of a typological approach of the grid-group Cultural Theory framework, which defines four social solidarities – or ideal type cultures – of individualism, egalitarianism, fatalism and hierarchy. 

A central argument in the thesis is that international intervention is culturally individualistic and/or egalitarian, thus socio-culturally unviable in war-torn societies, which are usually dominated by hierarchical and fatalist social solidarities.

Politics; Social Science        

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