Social Inclusion, Urban Governance & Sustainability
Towards a Conceptual Framework for the UGIS Research Projects

By Jan Vranken, et al
February 2003
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ISBN: 9044113372
78 pages, 6 ¼ x 9 ½"
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UGIS is the acronym of the international research project "Urban Governance, Social Inclusion and Sustainability". The project was a part of Key Action 4 "City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage" which formed part of the programme "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development" within the Fifth Framework Programme of the EU. The project started in April 2000 and was completed in March 2003.

This publication deals with the central concepts of the project. The first part reviews the developmento f urban governance and places it in the wider framework of globalisation and its effects on local communities. The second part deals with the concepts social cohesion, social inclusion and social exclusion - and the relationship between them. The final part critically assesses the advantages and disadvantages of area-based policies.

Chapter 1. The 'Coming Out' of Urban Governance
Chapter 2. No Social Exclusion without Social Exclusion?
Chapter 3. On Area-Based Policies to Promote Inclusion and Cohesion
Chapter 4. Conclusions and Propositions

Political Science
Public Policy

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