Spiritual Humanism & Economic Wisdom

Edited By Hendrik Opdebeeck & Laszlo Zsolnai
August 2011
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789044127652
205 pages
$62.50 Hardcover

Spiritual Humanism and Economic Wisdom collects essays in honor of the 70th anniversary of K.U. Leuven professor Luk Bouckaert, co-founder of the European SPES forum, which aims to make spirituality accessible as a public good to as many people as possible. Its mission is expressed in the key word of SPES, being on the one hand an acronymn for 'Spirituality in Economics and Society' and, on the other hand, the Latin word for 'hope', the virtue that sustains our belief in a better future.

In the spirit of the European SPES forum, this volume covers issues of contemporary economics using a humanist perspectives and discusses interrelated problems of business, ethics and society from spiritually based viewpoints. The authors argue for practicing economic wisdom in economic and social life.

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