The Standardization Process in Latvian

16th Century to the Present
Stockholm Slavic Studies, NO. 11

By Velta Ruke-Dravina
March 1977
Almgvist & Wiksell
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130 pages, 6 5/8 x 9 1/2"
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Synopsis (From the Preface) :

The book has two main purposes. First and foremost it seeks to give - in broad outline - a survey of the developmental process of a Baltic language from its beginning, starting with athe earliest written records, until today. The development of Standard Latvian encompasses several sociolinguistically interesting changes reflecting the numerous and different cultural and political currents in the Baltic area.

From a general linguistic point of view it will follow the dominance of one or another neighbouring culture and the influence of foreign languages, as well as the purification tendencies which have been rather strong in some periods and in certain literary circles, and have furthered the processes of dynamic changes in Latvian.


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