Supply Chain Management
Collaboration, Planning, Execution & Coordination

By Ashok Sinha
November 2009
Global India Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789380228075
312 pages
$24.95 Paper Original

This book aims to position supply chain configuration decisions as part of the overall supply chain management decision-making proess and to define the scope of the configuration problem. It describe "reconfigurable supply chain", their need, and their advantages. Again identifies methodological steps involved in this process and provides guidelines for accomplishing these steps.

Different models like Information modeling; Process modeling, Simulation models, and Data modeling, Hybrid modeling etc. are used to gain understanding about a decision-making problems, to formalize the decision-making problems, and to prepare input data for quantitative modeling.Further applications of supply chain through case studies are illustrated to describe supplier consolidation, manufacturing flexibility, and modular assembly as well as the magnitude of configuration problems and adoption of modern technologies.

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