Survey of Rock-Cut
Chamber Tombs in Caria

Part 2 Central Caria
Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology Vol. LXXII:2

By Paavo Roos
December 2006
Paul Astroms Forlag
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9170812160                      
144 pages, Illustrated, 8 ¾” x 12”
$110.00 Paper Original

The first part of the Survey of rock-cut chamber tombs in Caria comprised  south-eastern Caria and the Lyco-Carian borderland.  The second part, comprising central Caria, follows the same outline in execution, and the tombs are enumerated site by site with a commentary  on the characteristic features. 

The tombs date from Hellenistic and Roman periods, and many of the earlier have certainly been reused later.  Few of them have been treated before.  Whereas most sites comprise only a few tombs, the site of Idyma alone comprises over a fourth of the volume.  Since all of the visible tombs have been pilfered previously, virtually no finds have been made in them; the few sherds found have been published in an appendix.


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