Sustainable Agriculture

Ecosystem Health & Sustainable Agriculture No. 1


Edited by: Christine Jakobsson
January 2015
Uppsala University
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789186189105
505 Pages, Illustrated
$110.00 Paper original


In this series of books we attempt to highlight the importance of an ecosystem approach as regards sustainable agriculture.

These three books are based on experience from the Baltic Sea and Great Lakes Regions and written by prominent experts and scientists from the two regions. Two networks have been involved in the production of the books, The Baltic University Programme (BUP) and the Envirovet Baltic Networks. The project of producing these books was managed by BUP and has included several educational seminars and training courses on Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Agriculture. It has also achieved large international recognition as it has been awarded the status of a United Nations Partnership for Sustainable Development and the status of a Baltic 21 Lighthouse project (good example of an international project on sustainable development within the Baltic Sea Region awarded by Baltic 21 - an Agenda 21 for the Baltic Sea Region). Therefore it has been presented at many conferences e.g. United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development 16 Meeting in May 2008, AgroRus 2007 and 2008, Baltic 21 Ten Year Anniversary at the Riga Summit in June 2008, Baltic Sea Days in March 2009. The production of these books has been financed by the Swedish International Development Authority, SIDA, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Institute, the University of Illinois, the Hewlett Foundation and some private donors.