Essays from the Lecture Series of the National Mission for Manuscripts, Vol 1.


Edited by Sudha Gopalakrishnan
December 2006
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 8190402943
164 pages, 5¾ x 9"
$32.50 Hardback

In February 2003, the Indian Ministry of Tourism and Culture established the National Mission for Manuscripts, with the purpose of locating, documenting, preserving, and disseminating the content of India's handwritten manuscripts. While reconnecting people with the knowledge of the past, the National Mission also seeks to reconceptualize this knowledge to integrate it into the present and project it into the future.

In January 2005, the Mission launched the Tattvabodha series, a monthly forum for intellectual discorse in Delhi and other centres in the country. This volume offers the first ten lectures in the Tattvabodha lecture series, all representing different aspects of India's knowledge systems. Contributers include: M.K. Byrski, R. Champakalaksmi, Lokesh Chandra, D.P. Chattopadhyaya, G.N. Devy, Irfan Habib, Sheldon Pollock, Namwar Singh, M.S. Valiathan, and Kapila Vatsyayan.

Manuscripts: Context and Relevance
Rare Indian Manuscripts in Asian Countries
Writing & the Use of Books in the Age of Persian Manuscripts
Sanskrit Knowledge on the Eve of Conolialism & at the Dawn of Globalization
Is the Unpublished Manuscript Heritage of India Relevant to Contemporary Academia?

Manuscripts and Oral Traditions
Writing and Aphasia: Reflections on India's Oral Traditions

Textual Traditions
Bhakti & Tamil Textual Tradition
A Tribute to the Text and Context of the Natyasastra
Glimpses of India's Medical History

Knowledge & Beyond
Anthropos Measuring Atomos and Cosmos: Some Reflections

History-India & South Asia
Social History

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